The rise of teens against animal cruelty

With the advent of social media, younger generations are taking it upon themselves to gather information about issues they are passionate about. Subsequently, a huge movement against animal cruelty has gained momentum. Transparency has never been valued so highly in the cosmetics industry and a quick Google search can reveal who does and does not test on animals.

This has come with both exciting and unfortunate consequences. Fortunately, the higher demand for cruelty free products has forced corporations into complying with stricter regulations on cruelty free practices. What once used to be a niche market of cruelty free alternatives has now morphed into the mainstream, making cruelty free cosmetics available for the masses. However, the rise in popularity has meant that a lot of companies are employing buzz words like ‘vegan’, ‘organic’ and ‘cruelty free’ even when it isn’t true.

Yet, these faux labels aren’t fooling teenagers who are using social media to educate others and spread the message of cruelty free cosmetics. Instagram is a huge platform for vegan and animal rights advocate communities. Eco Tan has plenty of ambassadors who spread the good word on cruelty free cosmetics and making ethical purchase choices.

Eco Tan is a company that is founded on authenticity and transparency, which is why our certifications are so important. Our certifications guarantee that we have met the strict requirements set by governing bodies such as the Organic Food Chain Australia, Safe Cosmetics Australia and Choose Cruelty Free. When we say that our products contain only Certified Organic and natural ingredients, this is 100% factual. We have NEVER and will NEVER test on animals and our tanning and body care range are vegan.

We are so happy to see that cruelty free cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular but we encourage you to make sure that you can see the little white bunny on what you’re buying. That’s the only way to know if it is truly cruelty free or not.

To celebrate cruelty free cosmetics, we are currently offering Charlotte’s Cruelty Free Picks which contains Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, Invisible Tan and a FREE Coconut Deodorant. Shop now to start your journey with Eco Tan and cruelty free cosmetics.

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