Coconut Deodorant – Is it a Smart Move?

Why would a tanning company make a Coconut Deodorant?

I know, I can’t help myself. If I can’t find an organic product that works my mind won’t shut down. My yoga friends tell me its my chattering monkey that tells me just make it! We have a few different products up our shelves that might surprise some people and in the mix is the coconut deodorant!

Our unisex, organic, coconut deodorant is BRILLIANT! It isn’t an anti perspirant that blocks your sweat gland with aluminium. It is vital that we let the natural toxins release from our body. We have all heard that antiperspirants are “linked”to Breast cancer.

Anyway the testing process wasn’t very pleasant for my running buddy Jo. We went through a few batches before we found the gold.

Deodorant Works
Just last night I received an email from Sarah Wilson saying ” Hey Son, it works”! Let us know what you think. My 11yr old is using it too. I wanted to send the whole class one however Charlotte was horrified. Apparently I am sooooo embarrassing!

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