Rounds for Wildlife

You would think with Sonya and Gary’s wedding only being days away, that the soon to be bride and groom would be buried in last minute wedding plans and preparation. Even at one of the busiest times in their lives, these two compassionate people never seem to stop giving to people, to the environment or to animals.

On September 7, Gary will be doing 51 rounds of Muay Thai with his trainer, Marcus Burgess, to raise awareness and funds for the native wildlife in Thailand that are being exploited and mistreated in the tourist hotspots for monetary gain. Tourists are unknowingly contributing to this cruel exploitation by paying for pictures and rides on these beautiful creatures. Elephants are taken from their mothers as babies and beaten into submission, tigers are sedated and kept in confined spaces. Enough is enough.

Gary is raising money to build awareness of this darkside of wildlife tourism and help re-home these animals in a conservation park. Gary is an Australian business man with a love for Thailand and the art of Muay Thai.

He says “there are so many great things about this country but wildlife tourism is a serious issue. Through educating Australian tourists, I hope to make a dent in animal exploitation in Thailand.”

You can donate per round that Gary completes or just simply nominate an amount. You don’t even need to physically attend, you can donate online at Gary’s gofundme link:

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