There’s nothing fake about our tan!

Oompa Loompa

Say bye-bye to orange skin!

Fake it, Don’t bake it!

We’ve all seen it before – some poor girl leaving the salon doing her best to hide the fact she looks like an oompa loompa… Unfortunately, a lot of spray tan solutions use orange as a dye to give that ‘tanned’ look, but we have all seen it go wrong so many times before. Worse still, to counteract the orange dye, most solutions also contain a green dye as well! What’s worse than waking up looking like Shrek?

Alongside a whole host of other nasty chemicals, these yucky, synthetic dyes are what put a lot of people off getting a spray tan. Fortunately, there are alternatives! We can guarantee that our professional solutions will never, ever make you orange… why? Because they don’t contain ANY synthetic orange dyes!

You can rest easy, getting a spray tan with one of our professional solutions, knowing they are made with ONLY Certified Organic and natural ingredients. In fact, here is an exact break down of what it is in Rich Honey & Two…

Rich Honey Two

Never again will you need to exit the salon sheepishly because you closely resemble a tangerine. Embrace using Mother Nature’s finest to tan the healthy and sunless way!

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