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Eco Tan | Founder Sonya Driver with Lonela in Romania

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“Following my Calling – Romania Bound.”

So last year a friend of mine who travels the world helping and feeding street people, came across a woman with five young daughters, living in a village in Romania.

My friend thought he had seen it all… But this time, his heart was broken and the videos he shared about how they were living horrified me. They were literally sleeping on piles of rags with mice and rats. No water, no food, no door, no window, no beds. Nothing.

Lonela, the mother, was digging in the dirt for worms for 13 hours a day so she could sell them to fisherman as bait. The family were always hungry and sick.

Lonela’s husband was in jail for domestic violence and other crimes. I could see in Lonela’s heart that her self-worth was as low as the worms. So my desire was to lift her up! I truly believe once a woman feels loved, valued and worthy, she will be an overcomer.

So, I shared the need for Lonela and her children with my circle of friends (I only collect exceptional people).

Within a month they had a fridge, beds, TV, a built in heater, food, school supplies and medicine. And the best part? Lonela gave up digging for worms and started studying!

ECO TAN | Founder Sonya Driver | Romania Bound Blog Post

Now, onto the next concern. The tiny cement building where the family lives, doesn’t have running water or a bathroom. Can you imagine six females never being able to shower or get a drink of water? Not to mention the constant urinary tract infections, brought on as a result of holding on during the night, as a result of  not having access to a toilet.

I saw this as an easy fix! Yes, I didn’t get weighed down by the immense need. My girlfriend Kerry and I held a lunch at my house and invited loads of beautiful women to help raise $9,000 to build a small bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

This is what I know.
We can all do something.

If your heart is lead to help someone, an animal or whatever it might be, you will make it happen and change lives including your own.

But for the grace of God go I.

So of course at the first opportunity I made my way to Romania. It’s a bloody long way from the Gold Coast. One of my team, Mish, came along on this life changing journey.

Eco Tan | Founder Sonya Driver with Lonela in Romania

Eco Tan Founder Sonya Driver assisting Lonela and her family in Romania.


I can honestly say I have never felt so loved in all my life. When Lonela hugged me, her whole body was shaking, her heart was pounding and she just cried. She can’t understand why another mother from another country cared so much about her.

What I love the most over this journey of about eight months, is how Lonela has blossomed! She now smiles, she doesn’t wear that invisible coat of shame that weighed her down. As a result she is stronger in every way.

Lonela can now work part time and wants to learn English.  She has discovered a love for learning. My girl’s call Lonela’s girls their sisters.

Helping to raise others up is my craving.

So until next year Romania.

Ramas Bun ?

Eco Tan | Founder Sonya Driver with Lonela and family in Romania

Sonya Driver with Lonela and the girls in Romania

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