It’s Winter on the Gold Coast and My Skin Hates it!

Winter Skin Care with Eco Tan

Eco Tan Founder, Sonya Driver, shares her Winter Skin Care tips…

I thrive in the sunshine and worshipped the sun growing up (we all know how that turned out) and even though I am so grateful to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world – even the Gold Coast gets cold in Winter and my skin hates it!

Last week I walked into the bathroom and caught my husband doing the unthinkable in the shower…… that’s right, exfoliating his dry itchy skin with our organic Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. I wondered why I was running out all the time! This product is seriously a must have. It’s a deep exfoliator with beautiful coconut oil and shea butter it creates a perfect drenching. This product is number 1 in my household, we all fight over it.

Anyway, this is also the time of year I run to our award winning organic Winter Skin because it not only builds a natural believable tan but it also MOISTURISES. It’s a one stop shop.

All you need to do is jump in the shower and use our exfoliating glove (along with the Salt Scrub if you’re my hubbo or teenagers) to rid your skin of all the uneven dry dead skin layers.  It’s best to exfoliate a day before using one of our tanning products as the skin needs some dead skin to adhere to. Then in the morning, or the next night depending how running late I am, I smother myself with Winter Skin. Leave it on during the day under your clothes or sleep with it on, it doesn’t contain dyes so it won’t come out on your clothes and no one will even know you’re wearing it.. it’s a no brainer. Of course it doesn’t contain any crap or stink either! Only the best organic and natural ingredients from Mother Nature!

Never neglect your skin, it’s your vessel through life and you only get one set to house your beautiful soul in, so make the most of it.

Glow on Beauties xx


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