It’s Winter on the Gold Coast and My Skin Hates it!

Winter Skin Care with Eco Tan

Eco Tan Founder, Sonya Driver, shares her Winter Skin Care tips…

I thrive in the sunshine and worshipped the sun growing up (we all know how that turned out) and even though I am so grateful to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world – even the Gold Coast gets cold in Winter and my skin hates it!

Last week I walked into the bathroom and caught my husband doing the unthinkable in the shower…… that’s right, exfoliating his dry itchy skin with our organic Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. I wondered why I was running out all the time! This product is seriously a must have. It’s a deep exfoliator with beautiful coconut oil and shea butter it creates a perfect drenching. This product is number 1 in my household, we all fight over it.

Small Batch Heroes!

When I first started Eco Tan I would stand in my kitchen with my formulation book (exercise book from Kmart) and measure organic ingredients from my lab equipment bought from ebay.

I knew my little batches were as pure as I could possibly make them. The problem was that no one knew about them. Luckily, I have a little hustle in me and my persistence and nagging paid off.

I know there are other incredible products, cosmetic, food, etc out there that we don’t hear about. It is one of my passions to find the gold and give it life!

I picked up an all-natural coconut lip balm one day at a local beach shop….and I was instantly blown away….but I digress. Let me take you back a little….

I actually started a distribution company in NZ a few years back – on top of running Eco Tan AND trying to keep up with my girls (I’m exhausted just thinking about it!). Anyway, I would hand pick products I loved personally and I would organize a way to get them out to the masses. In my travels I still remember meeting the gentle spirited Anca, creator of Metta balms, at an organic trade show in Victoria. I instantly fell in love with her company’s values and her small batch of insanely divine products and I knew I needed to get her gorgeous balms into the hands of others.

Funnily enough around that same time I was also distributing a popular lip balm from the states… but let me tell you it doesn’t even get close to measuring up to our little Glory Lips.

Glory Lips are literally hand crafted especially for us. I found a brilliant woman who meticulously batches them (she has a Medical background) and asked her to make our Glory Lips bigger and better than the others ….and to make it vegan (of course). After many, many months of development –  Glory Lips was born!

It’s the number 1 product that my daughters take to all their friends and in a nut shell Glory Lips is freakin divine! Made with organic mango butter, organic olive oil, vitamin E, organic coconut oil…. nothing artificial. This lip balm is seriously a must have and I never ever leave home without adding it to even my tiniest of handbags!!

We’re often asked why our stockists can’t purchase it and at this stage the truth is that it’s bloody expensive to create…. so the price would be really high. Good news though, it’s available exclusively on our website

Ps. Please let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear your feedback on what you think of Glory Lips!

Blessings xx





Don’t be fooled with fake-ganics

This is, we think, one of our most important blogs to date…

Last night, we got an email from one of our new spray tanners. She was so shocked at the difference in ingredients between our organic Spray Tan solutions and other company’s “organic” spray tan solutions. It is SO frustrating how many other brands and business out there claim to be “organic” – when really their products are filled with toxic chemicals and potential carcinogens!

We won’t point the finger and name names, but our beautiful client said:

“Thank you so much for the ingredient list.

I did a comparison of ingredients in the current [company’s] solution I’m using to Eco Tan.  I was shocked by the chemicals in [company], as compared to Eco Tan.  Not only is it full of chemicals, but also contains all of the three main dyes that studies have linked to cancer!

It made me a bit sad as I felt I was using a really safe solution. And, it was definitely marketed to me that way.  However, I am excited to provide my clients with an amazing alternative in Eco Tan.”

Moral of the story?

A lot of people out there think that they are using true organic products. But they aren’t. We’ve said it a million times before and we will say it again: 

  • Read product labels
  • Do your research
  • Look for the Certified Organic logo
#wehateBS #lookdeeper

Beyond Disability


You know its not the crap that happens to us in life that defines us, its what we do with that crap. I always try to turn it into a positive. Ohhh… I feel the pain first and go through the emotions of whatever has smashed me and I strive to be an OVERCOMER! There is no other option.

I had a Basal Cell Carcinoma cut out of my chest, 5 years later one from my forehead. Then recently a penetrating BCC from my nose. The mistake I made was the tiny spot that would bleed on my nose had been there 3 years. I did have it frozen off however it grew back. I recently learnt that freezing BCC only has a 30% success rate. I then went back a year later… I dawdled  into the surgery to have my regular skin check and said I don’t think the freezing worked, it’s still bleeding. Der!!! (80’s chick) I then tried the prescription cream and applied it for 6 weeks which left my nose sore and ulcerated.

Long story short… I should have had  it cut out 3 years before I did.

I discovered something about myself two weeks ago on the surgery table. I’m not as tough as I thought. I said “No don’t worry, local is fine, I’ll  be right”… I in fact hyperventilated on the table and found the whole experience traumatic. I should have had a general anaesthetic with a plastic surgeon. My skin specialist did give me the option. But, I put myself second. I’m so annoyed at my lack of self care in that moment. I wouldn’t of let my daughters or friends go through what I did, surely I count too.

So beyond this pain and vulnerability I am grateful for a chance to start to truly adopt  self care. Compassion for myself. Not to have to put myself through trauma because I expect that I have to be tougher than other people and I in some ways I wore that like  a badge.

I will also take my hideous experience and advocate and nag to anyone that’s wants to listen to go have a skin check, check your mates back, stay safe in the sun. What a great opportunity I have to share my story and encourage others to stay safe in the sun.Stop putting yourself last, you are worthy and precious too.

Love yourself back, Mate x

Raw Organic Juicing = The ultimate superfood!

Eco Tan Loves_ Raw Organic juicing = The ultimate superfood.

Here is what I know:  Raw Organic Juicing by Sonya Driver

Superfoods contain a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Raw organic juicing of superfoods is a power packed way of optimising your health and vitality.

I have found by just adding one small thing, what a big difference it can make. Raw organic juicing has changed my life and it will absolutely change yours too!

Do yourself a favour and watch “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. I’m telling you, this documentary started a revolution. It follows Joe Cross, an Australian man, who regains his health by juicing fruit and vegetables. It truly inspired me.

I have now made it my ritual. Every morning I will make a jug of organic juice for my family and my kids know it’s not optional. They drink it all and they love it! Remember to always include way more vegetables than fruit. Vegetables are nutrient dense powerhouses – the more, the better! My rule that I try and stick to is about 90% vegetables and 10% fruits. I find that some vegetables are quite sweet anyway, like beetroot. For the fruit, I usually swap between apples, pineapples and oranges or whatever is in season.

Juicing has also taught me that we don’t need to put pressure on ourselves to eradicate certain food groups or foods from our diets. In my experience, I have found that simply juicing a handful of organic fruit and veg each day can drastically change the way you look, but more importantly, feel. Within one week of organic juicing, I found my moods and energy levels dramatically improved. This is because, not only does juicing flood your body with micronutrients and vitamins that your body needs, it will also stop cravings in their tracks. For me, I noticed my need for caffeine had dropped and my head aches disappeared.

Juice up!

I urge you to follow “Reboot With Joe” on social media. Joe shares some great juicing recipes, meal plans and other free resources to help you introduce organic juicing into your home and diet. The Reboot With Joe Community is such an inspiration for me, I love reading the incredible healing journeys that people have experienced with organic juicing.

As we all know our food can be our medicine or poison. So let’s eat (and drink!) the rainbow and flood our bodies with good nutrients and vitamins.

I know you all know this by now, but here is your reminder! JUICE UP!

Be Blessed x

Eco Tan Loves_ Raw Organic juicing = The ultimate superfood.

From the Founder. . .

Eco Tan | Founder Sonya Driver with Lonela in Romania

Eco Tan Founder Sonya Driver posts:

“Following my Calling – Romania Bound.”

So last year a friend of mine who travels the world helping and feeding street people, came across a woman with five young daughters, living in a village in Romania.

My friend thought he had seen it all… But this time, his heart was broken and the videos he shared about how they were living horrified me. They were literally sleeping on piles of rags with mice and rats. No water, no food, no door, no window, no beds. Nothing.

Lonela, the mother, was digging in the dirt for worms for 13 hours a day so she could sell them to fisherman as bait. The family were always hungry and sick.

Lonela’s husband was in jail for domestic violence and other crimes. I could see in Lonela’s heart that her self-worth was as low as the worms. So my desire was to lift her up! I truly believe once a woman feels loved, valued and worthy, she will be an overcomer.

So, I shared the need for Lonela and her children with my circle of friends (I only collect exceptional people).

Within a month they had a fridge, beds, TV, a built in heater, food, school supplies and medicine. And the best part? Lonela gave up digging for worms and started studying!

ECO TAN | Founder Sonya Driver | Romania Bound Blog Post

Now, onto the next concern. The tiny cement building where the family lives, doesn’t have running water or a bathroom. Can you imagine six females never being able to shower or get a drink of water? Not to mention the constant urinary tract infections, brought on as a result of holding on during the night, as a result of  not having access to a toilet.

I saw this as an easy fix! Yes, I didn’t get weighed down by the immense need. My girlfriend Kerry and I held a lunch at my house and invited loads of beautiful women to help raise $9,000 to build a small bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

This is what I know.
We can all do something.

If your heart is lead to help someone, an animal or whatever it might be, you will make it happen and change lives including your own.

But for the grace of God go I.

So of course at the first opportunity I made my way to Romania. It’s a bloody long way from the Gold Coast. One of my team, Mish, came along on this life changing journey.

Eco Tan | Founder Sonya Driver with Lonela in Romania

Eco Tan Founder Sonya Driver assisting Lonela and her family in Romania.


I can honestly say I have never felt so loved in all my life. When Lonela hugged me, her whole body was shaking, her heart was pounding and she just cried. She can’t understand why another mother from another country cared so much about her.

What I love the most over this journey of about eight months, is how Lonela has blossomed! She now smiles, she doesn’t wear that invisible coat of shame that weighed her down. As a result she is stronger in every way.

Lonela can now work part time and wants to learn English.  She has discovered a love for learning. My girl’s call Lonela’s girls their sisters.

Helping to raise others up is my craving.

So until next year Romania.

Ramas Bun ?

Eco Tan | Founder Sonya Driver with Lonela and family in Romania

Sonya Driver with Lonela and the girls in Romania

The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch

It’s rare to get the opportunity to REALLY change the lives of this those in desperate need.

My friend and fellow joy giver, Owen, of many years has a heart for the homeless and broken, and he spends his time travelling the world helping those in need. Recently Owen visited Romania and one family in particular rocked him to his core…

Lonela’s Story:

Lonela is a single mother of five daughters. She can’t read or write. To earn money to feed her family, she works for the fishermen and fisheries digging through dirt for worms for 13 hours per day! Sadly Lonela hasn’t seen her eldest daughter smile in three years.

They have no running water, toilet, shower, food, shoes or beds. Their ‘house’, if you could even call it that, has no doors or windows.

We were only told a few days ago that two of the girls have UTI’s because they hold on all night without having a toilet.


I couldn’t bare the suffering so we rallied up the Joy Givers!

So my friend Kerry and I decided to host a fundraising event to ensure the family get running water, a toilet, a hot shower, and new bathroom. Without this, the girl’s health is severely affected.

Lonela and her daughters call us “The Joy Givers”, so it was only fitting that our event was called “The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch”. To everyone that attended, YOU are a joy giver. Many people and brands volunteered to cook, entertain, waitress and most importantly donate! I’m blown away by the desire in most peoples hearts to give. I opened up my home to friends and family and together through ticket sales, raffles and donations, we raised $9,000 for Lonela and her girls! EVERY cent of this will go directly to the family!

Here are some snaps from the lunch.

14633297_1529531407062817_2327389091215049525_o 14589678_1529532417062716_1113585214855697865_o

So far, The Joy Givers have…

  • Raised money and a window has been fitted to protect the girls from the elements, especially during the cold winter months in Romania.
  • No longer will the girls sleep with rats, or in old chairs and boards. The girls have new bunk beds and bedding after people sent money to Owen.
  • Every girl needs shoes and warm clothes, so this was high on the agenda especially in this arctic climate! Lonela and her eldest daughter shared one coat. We bought them clothes and gum boots to protect their feet and bodies from the chills.
  • We recently sent medical kits to help with the children’s fevers and illnesses. I heard God say VERY clearly “send worm tablets”. At the time I didn’t even know but Sarah, Lonela’s youngest daughter, has been suffering the torment of worms for probably the whole of her life. The medical kit arrived in Romania – praise Jesus! It only cost us $5 to buy worming tablets and stopped hell for this little girl!
  • A new fridge and food.
  • Since the girls don’t always attend school in the winter months because of the snow and weather conditions, we arranged a new TV for them.

14699416_10154683729555774_949389530_oScreen Shot 2016-10-19 at 2.14.09 PMWorms

We are so GRATEFUL and can really see Lonela’s life changing before our eyes!

  • Lonela is no longer digging and recently got a job as a kitchen hand.
  • She can now afford to learn to read & write with the help of a tutor.

It’s just my observation, but people that are givers have the best lives in terms of happiness. I believe there is a reason we are born with two hands – one to help someone else and the other to lift yourself up.

I am so grateful to anyone and everyone who has contributed. You are changing lives. Thank you for blessing this family with all that we have been able to give them! This is generosity at its best. God bless you all.

Shine bright folks!

Love The Joy Givers xx

Thank you to all our generous sponsors


Eco Tan WINS Prestigious Beauty Award!

Have you heard the latest?! One of our revolutionary products, Face Tan Water, WON GOLD in the Best New Sun Care and Tanning Product category in the 2016 UK Pure Beauty Awards! These awards are the world’s most prestigious beauty awards and celebrate the best leading beauty brands from across the globe. Eco Tan has been told to “take a bow”, as our locally owned and operated Aussie company has been applauded on the world stage!

TO CELEBRATE: we’re offering 20% off Face Tan Water – THIS WEEK ONLY – using the code: GOLD

To buy it now – CLICK HERE 

The winners of the Pure Beauty Awards 2016 were announced at the awards ceremony in London on October 27, 2016. Over 300 industry guests attended from mainstream, niche and premium beauty brands. Eco Tan was up against UK and international brands, Boots, Sunkissed and Fake Bake to take out the GOLD!

Our inspiring founder, Sonya, is so excited that yet another one of her Aussie organics has been awarded with such a coveted award. She is passionate about being an innovator and not an imitator in the organic beauty industry. Her motivation comes from creating eco friendly, toxic free and cruelty free beauty products that provide consumers with a healthier alternative.

Our Certified Organic Face Tan Water is a cult favourite amongst Eco Babes and has been described as “the holy grail of beauty products” – Megan. It is constantly flying off the shelves in our warehouse to Eco Babes all around the world. It’s specifically formulated with anti-aging and anti-acne properties, which makes it PERFECT for all ages!

Chris is 67, she has sensitive skin with broken capillaries. She doesn’t wear any make up, except a bit of natural lippy! Chris LOVES our Face Tan Water – she says “I apply it several times a week and it delivers a gorgeous NATURAL looking glow. It has evened out my skin tone and hides my broken capillaries!”

Chris Face Tan Water Before & After

Teasha is 18, like any other teenager, from time to time she suffers from break outs. Teasha is OBSESSED with our Face Tan Water – she says “I use it as a toner, a couple of times a week. It gives me a subtle, gradual summer glow. It is a HUGE confidence booster – I hardly ever wear make up anymore!”

Face Tan Before & After

Face Tan Water – natural beauty at your fingertips!

Our revolutionary Face Tan Water is a crowd favourite among our loyal Eco Babes. However, for someone who has never tried it before, it can be a little confusing. Water? For your face? Hopefully today we can shed some light on our wonderful Certified Organic Face Tan Water and introduce you to the world of cruelty free and natural beauty.

Face Tan Water is a gradual tanning toner for your face. So you apply it consecutively over a few days in order to build it up to your desired glow. It contains only Certified Organic and natural ingredients, and it is also cruelty free and vegan. The best part about Face Tan Water is that it has an anti-acne and anti-ageing formulation which leaves your skin hydrated and soft. It is absolutely perfect for all ages and reduces the need to wear foundations, through brightening and evening skin tone. It is the best, natural beauty, self tan for your face on the market!

For best results, follow this handy guide:

  1. Wash your face at night and then apply Face Tan Water to clean, dry skin before bed.
  2. Apply either with your fingers or a cotton face pad. Whatever works best for you!
  3. Sleep tight knowing you aren’t putting any nasty, synthetic chemicals on your face.
  4. Wake up with a beautiful, natural glow and follow your normal morning skin routine. You can wash your face, moisturise and apply foundation if necessary.
  5. Receive compliments left, right and centre because of your beautiful skin achieved through natural beauty.

To build colour, we recommend applying Face Tan Water every night. To maintain your facial glow, we recommend applying Face Tan Water two to three times a week. Check out some of the amazing results achieved with Face Tan Water.

Face Tan Water best fake tanFace Tan Water natural beauty Face Tan Water best self tanner

We absolutely love to see the results of our Certified Organic, cruelty free, vegan, natural beauty products. Send in your before and afters using Face Tan Water or post them on Instagram and tag us @ecotan.

Don’t bake it when you can fake it with Certified Organic Eco Tan

Oh Summer. The season of beach-filled days, laying by the pool and… sunburns. It’s a sad fact but spending day after day in a bikini under the hot sun can and will leave your skin redder than a tomato. Seriously not a good look. And while it does not look or feel too fab to get a sunburn, it also has serious health implications for your skin. Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world, and Eco Tan was founded due to our founder’s sister being diagnosed with one. Your skin is your largest organ so it is of the utmost importance you take care of it. That’s why, this Summer, Eco Tan is encouraging you to not bake it when you can fake it.

Get a gorgeous, natural and even tan without all the peeling, the pain or anything worse, when you use our Certified Organic tanning range. We don’t mean to toot our own horns but, seriously, our stuff is the best self tanner you can find. Not only will it give you a stunning glow that is the envy of all your friends, it isn’t filled with nasty, synthetic chemicals. In fact, Eco Tan is proudly only made with Certified Organic and natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature’s finest. This means that our tans do not contain any disgusting orange dyes that turn you in an oompa loompa. Instead, we use natural dyes like cacao and caramel. Also, our tanning range is completely vegan to offer you natural beauty that is cruelty free.

You don’t have to give up having a beautiful tan this Summer while still protecting your skin. You can have the best of both worlds! Just use any of our Certified Organic, best self tanners (we have a few on offer for all skin types) and you’ll look like a tropical goddess, minus the nasty sunburn. Just remember: don’t bake it when you can fake it!