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Eco Tan | Founder Sonya Driver with Lonela in Romania

Eco Tan Founder Sonya Driver posts:

“Following my Calling – Romania Bound.”

So last year a friend of mine who travels the world helping and feeding street people, came across a woman with five young daughters, living in a village in Romania.

My friend thought he had seen it all… But this time, his heart was broken and the videos he shared about how they were living horrified me. They were literally sleeping on piles of rags with mice and rats. No water, no food, no door, no window, no beds. Nothing.

Lonela, the mother, was digging in the dirt for worms for 13 hours a day so she could sell them to fisherman as bait. The family were always hungry and sick.

Lonela’s husband was in jail for domestic violence and other crimes. I could see in Lonela’s heart that her self-worth was as low as the worms. So my desire was to lift her up! I truly believe once a woman feels loved, valued and worthy, she will be an overcomer.

So, I shared the need for Lonela and her children with my circle of friends (I only collect exceptional people).

Within a month they had a fridge, beds, TV, a built in heater, food, school supplies and medicine. And the best part? Lonela gave up digging for worms and started studying!

ECO TAN | Founder Sonya Driver | Romania Bound Blog Post

Now, onto the next concern. The tiny cement building where the family lives, doesn’t have running water or a bathroom. Can you imagine six females never being able to shower or get a drink of water? Not to mention the constant urinary tract infections, brought on as a result of holding on during the night, as a result of  not having access to a toilet.

I saw this as an easy fix! Yes, I didn’t get weighed down by the immense need. My girlfriend Kerry and I held a lunch at my house and invited loads of beautiful women to help raise $9,000 to build a small bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

This is what I know.
We can all do something.

If your heart is lead to help someone, an animal or whatever it might be, you will make it happen and change lives including your own.

But for the grace of God go I.

So of course at the first opportunity I made my way to Romania. It’s a bloody long way from the Gold Coast. One of my team, Mish, came along on this life changing journey.

Eco Tan | Founder Sonya Driver with Lonela in Romania

Eco Tan Founder Sonya Driver assisting Lonela and her family in Romania.


I can honestly say I have never felt so loved in all my life. When Lonela hugged me, her whole body was shaking, her heart was pounding and she just cried. She can’t understand why another mother from another country cared so much about her.

What I love the most over this journey of about eight months, is how Lonela has blossomed! She now smiles, she doesn’t wear that invisible coat of shame that weighed her down. As a result she is stronger in every way.

Lonela can now work part time and wants to learn English.  She has discovered a love for learning. My girl’s call Lonela’s girls their sisters.

Helping to raise others up is my craving.

So until next year Romania.

Ramas Bun ?

Eco Tan | Founder Sonya Driver with Lonela and family in Romania

Sonya Driver with Lonela and the girls in Romania

The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch

It’s rare to get the opportunity to REALLY change the lives of this those in desperate need.

My friend and fellow joy giver, Owen, of many years has a heart for the homeless and broken, and he spends his time travelling the world helping those in need. Recently Owen visited Romania and one family in particular rocked him to his core…

Lonela’s Story:

Lonela is a single mother of five daughters. She can’t read or write. To earn money to feed her family, she works for the fishermen and fisheries digging through dirt for worms for 13 hours per day! Sadly Lonela hasn’t seen her eldest daughter smile in three years.

They have no running water, toilet, shower, food, shoes or beds. Their ‘house’, if you could even call it that, has no doors or windows.

We were only told a few days ago that two of the girls have UTI’s because they hold on all night without having a toilet.


I couldn’t bare the suffering so we rallied up the Joy Givers!

So my friend Kerry and I decided to host a fundraising event to ensure the family get running water, a toilet, a hot shower, and new bathroom. Without this, the girl’s health is severely affected.

Lonela and her daughters call us “The Joy Givers”, so it was only fitting that our event was called “The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch”. To everyone that attended, YOU are a joy giver. Many people and brands volunteered to cook, entertain, waitress and most importantly donate! I’m blown away by the desire in most peoples hearts to give. I opened up my home to friends and family and together through ticket sales, raffles and donations, we raised $9,000 for Lonela and her girls! EVERY cent of this will go directly to the family!

Here are some snaps from the lunch.

14633297_1529531407062817_2327389091215049525_o 14589678_1529532417062716_1113585214855697865_o

So far, The Joy Givers have…

  • Raised money and a window has been fitted to protect the girls from the elements, especially during the cold winter months in Romania.
  • No longer will the girls sleep with rats, or in old chairs and boards. The girls have new bunk beds and bedding after people sent money to Owen.
  • Every girl needs shoes and warm clothes, so this was high on the agenda especially in this arctic climate! Lonela and her eldest daughter shared one coat. We bought them clothes and gum boots to protect their feet and bodies from the chills.
  • We recently sent medical kits to help with the children’s fevers and illnesses. I heard God say VERY clearly “send worm tablets”. At the time I didn’t even know but Sarah, Lonela’s youngest daughter, has been suffering the torment of worms for probably the whole of her life. The medical kit arrived in Romania – praise Jesus! It only cost us $5 to buy worming tablets and stopped hell for this little girl!
  • A new fridge and food.
  • Since the girls don’t always attend school in the winter months because of the snow and weather conditions, we arranged a new TV for them.

14699416_10154683729555774_949389530_oScreen Shot 2016-10-19 at 2.14.09 PMWorms

We are so GRATEFUL and can really see Lonela’s life changing before our eyes!

  • Lonela is no longer digging and recently got a job as a kitchen hand.
  • She can now afford to learn to read & write with the help of a tutor.

It’s just my observation, but people that are givers have the best lives in terms of happiness. I believe there is a reason we are born with two hands – one to help someone else and the other to lift yourself up.

I am so grateful to anyone and everyone who has contributed. You are changing lives. Thank you for blessing this family with all that we have been able to give them! This is generosity at its best. God bless you all.

Shine bright folks!

Love The Joy Givers xx

Thank you to all our generous sponsors


Eco Tan WINS Prestigious Beauty Award!

Have you heard the latest?! One of our revolutionary products, Face Tan Water, WON GOLD in the Best New Sun Care and Tanning Product category in the 2016 UK Pure Beauty Awards! These awards are the world’s most prestigious beauty awards and celebrate the best leading beauty brands from across the globe. Eco Tan has been told to “take a bow”, as our locally owned and operated Aussie company has been applauded on the world stage!

TO CELEBRATE: we’re offering 20% off Face Tan Water – THIS WEEK ONLY – using the code: GOLD

To buy it now – CLICK HERE 

The winners of the Pure Beauty Awards 2016 were announced at the awards ceremony in London on October 27, 2016. Over 300 industry guests attended from mainstream, niche and premium beauty brands. Eco Tan was up against UK and international brands, Boots, Sunkissed and Fake Bake to take out the GOLD!

Our inspiring founder, Sonya, is so excited that yet another one of her Aussie organics has been awarded with such a coveted award. She is passionate about being an innovator and not an imitator in the organic beauty industry. Her motivation comes from creating eco friendly, toxic free and cruelty free beauty products that provide consumers with a healthier alternative.

Our Certified Organic Face Tan Water is a cult favourite amongst Eco Babes and has been described as “the holy grail of beauty products” – Megan. It is constantly flying off the shelves in our warehouse to Eco Babes all around the world. It’s specifically formulated with anti-aging and anti-acne properties, which makes it PERFECT for all ages!

Chris is 67, she has sensitive skin with broken capillaries. She doesn’t wear any make up, except a bit of natural lippy! Chris LOVES our Face Tan Water – she says “I apply it several times a week and it delivers a gorgeous NATURAL looking glow. It has evened out my skin tone and hides my broken capillaries!”

Chris Face Tan Water Before & After

Teasha is 18, like any other teenager, from time to time she suffers from break outs. Teasha is OBSESSED with our Face Tan Water – she says “I use it as a toner, a couple of times a week. It gives me a subtle, gradual summer glow. It is a HUGE confidence booster – I hardly ever wear make up anymore!”

Face Tan Before & After

Face Tan Water – natural beauty at your fingertips!

Our revolutionary Face Tan Water is a crowd favourite among our loyal Eco Babes. However, for someone who has never tried it before, it can be a little confusing. Water? For your face? Hopefully today we can shed some light on our wonderful Certified Organic Face Tan Water and introduce you to the world of cruelty free and natural beauty.

Face Tan Water is a gradual tanning toner for your face. So you apply it consecutively over a few days in order to build it up to your desired glow. It contains only Certified Organic and natural ingredients, and it is also cruelty free and vegan. The best part about Face Tan Water is that it has an anti-acne and anti-ageing formulation which leaves your skin hydrated and soft. It is absolutely perfect for all ages and reduces the need to wear foundations, through brightening and evening skin tone. It is the best, natural beauty, self tan for your face on the market!

For best results, follow this handy guide:

  1. Wash your face at night and then apply Face Tan Water to clean, dry skin before bed.
  2. Apply either with your fingers or a cotton face pad. Whatever works best for you!
  3. Sleep tight knowing you aren’t putting any nasty, synthetic chemicals on your face.
  4. Wake up with a beautiful, natural glow and follow your normal morning skin routine. You can wash your face, moisturise and apply foundation if necessary.
  5. Receive compliments left, right and centre because of your beautiful skin achieved through natural beauty.

To build colour, we recommend applying Face Tan Water every night. To maintain your facial glow, we recommend applying Face Tan Water two to three times a week. Check out some of the amazing results achieved with Face Tan Water.

Face Tan Water best fake tanFace Tan Water natural beauty Face Tan Water best self tanner

We absolutely love to see the results of our Certified Organic, cruelty free, vegan, natural beauty products. Send in your before and afters using Face Tan Water or post them on Instagram and tag us @ecotan.

Don’t bake it when you can fake it with Certified Organic Eco Tan

Oh Summer. The season of beach-filled days, laying by the pool and… sunburns. It’s a sad fact but spending day after day in a bikini under the hot sun can and will leave your skin redder than a tomato. Seriously not a good look. And while it does not look or feel too fab to get a sunburn, it also has serious health implications for your skin. Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world, and Eco Tan was founded due to our founder’s sister being diagnosed with one. Your skin is your largest organ so it is of the utmost importance you take care of it. That’s why, this Summer, Eco Tan is encouraging you to not bake it when you can fake it.

Get a gorgeous, natural and even tan without all the peeling, the pain or anything worse, when you use our Certified Organic tanning range. We don’t mean to toot our own horns but, seriously, our stuff is the best self tanner you can find. Not only will it give you a stunning glow that is the envy of all your friends, it isn’t filled with nasty, synthetic chemicals. In fact, Eco Tan is proudly only made with Certified Organic and natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature’s finest. This means that our tans do not contain any disgusting orange dyes that turn you in an oompa loompa. Instead, we use natural dyes like cacao and caramel. Also, our tanning range is completely vegan to offer you natural beauty that is cruelty free.

You don’t have to give up having a beautiful tan this Summer while still protecting your skin. You can have the best of both worlds! Just use any of our Certified Organic, best self tanners (we have a few on offer for all skin types) and you’ll look like a tropical goddess, minus the nasty sunburn. Just remember: don’t bake it when you can fake it!

Rounds for Wildlife

You would think with Sonya and Gary’s wedding only being days away, that the soon to be bride and groom would be buried in last minute wedding plans and preparation. Even at one of the busiest times in their lives, these two compassionate people never seem to stop giving to people, to the environment or to animals.

On September 7, Gary will be doing 51 rounds of Muay Thai with his trainer, Marcus Burgess, to raise awareness and funds for the native wildlife in Thailand that are being exploited and mistreated in the tourist hotspots for monetary gain. Tourists are unknowingly contributing to this cruel exploitation by paying for pictures and rides on these beautiful creatures. Elephants are taken from their mothers as babies and beaten into submission, tigers are sedated and kept in confined spaces. Enough is enough.

Gary is raising money to build awareness of this darkside of wildlife tourism and help re-home these animals in a conservation park. Gary is an Australian business man with a love for Thailand and the art of Muay Thai.

He says “there are so many great things about this country but wildlife tourism is a serious issue. Through educating Australian tourists, I hope to make a dent in animal exploitation in Thailand.”

You can donate per round that Gary completes or just simply nominate an amount. You don’t even need to physically attend, you can donate online at Gary’s gofundme link:

Have a mate’s back by checking their back!

Who has your back?

If the rising temperatures and humidity is enough indication, I think it’s safe to say Summer is on the way. For all of us as Eco Tan HQ, this means days by the beach, cold drinks and lots of time in the pool. While we’re all excited to be out in the warm weather, it can be sobering to remember that Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world. It’s incredibly pertinent that we review the warning signs of melanoma, how to check for them, and to check a mates back!

Checking your skin regularly for any new spots or changes in existing spots is crucial. Catching a melanoma early can be the difference between clear health or cancer.

Generally speaking, there are several signs you can look out for yourself:
  1. Size – is the spot getting bigger?
  2. Colour – is the colour of the spot becoming patchy?
  3. Shape – does the spot have an irregular edge or lack symmetry?
  4. Elevation – has the spot become raised?
  5. Itchiness – is the spot itchy?

Unfortunately, unless you’re a contortionist, it’s unlikely that you can check every nook and cranny on your own body for irregular looking spots. That’s why this Summer we’re encouraging you to have a mate’s back by checking their backs. Grab a friend, foe, family member or stranger – it doesn’t matter – and get them to look in those hard to reach places! It might be weird ringing up a friend and asking them to scan your back for moles, but you won’t regret it if they actually do find something. And don’t forget to do the same for your friends! They’ll thank you later when they’ve prevented a spot from becoming a melanoma.

Most importantly this Summer, we always encourage you to employ a full sun safety routine. Wear a hat, sunglasses, protective clothing and seek shade to avoid direct exposure to UV rays. And, of course, WEAR SUNSCREEN! Our All Natural Coconut Sunscreen uses only natural ingredients to create a physical barrier against UV rays from permeating your skin. It’s also FREE of oxybenzone, which is a nasty chemical harming our beautiful sea creatures.

Sun safety is always priority as it’s so important to take care of your skin. We hope that you enjoy your Summer without putting yourself in harms way!

The rise of teens against animal cruelty

With the advent of social media, younger generations are taking it upon themselves to gather information about issues they are passionate about. Subsequently, a huge movement against animal cruelty has gained momentum. Transparency has never been valued so highly in the cosmetics industry and a quick Google search can reveal who does and does not test on animals.

This has come with both exciting and unfortunate consequences. Fortunately, the higher demand for cruelty free products has forced corporations into complying with stricter regulations on cruelty free practices. What once used to be a niche market of cruelty free alternatives has now morphed into the mainstream, making cruelty free cosmetics available for the masses. However, the rise in popularity has meant that a lot of companies are employing buzz words like ‘vegan’, ‘organic’ and ‘cruelty free’ even when it isn’t true.

Yet, these faux labels aren’t fooling teenagers who are using social media to educate others and spread the message of cruelty free cosmetics. Instagram is a huge platform for vegan and animal rights advocate communities. Eco Tan has plenty of ambassadors who spread the good word on cruelty free cosmetics and making ethical purchase choices.

Eco Tan is a company that is founded on authenticity and transparency, which is why our certifications are so important. Our certifications guarantee that we have met the strict requirements set by governing bodies such as the Organic Food Chain Australia, Safe Cosmetics Australia and Choose Cruelty Free. When we say that our products contain only Certified Organic and natural ingredients, this is 100% factual. We have NEVER and will NEVER test on animals and our tanning and body care range are vegan.

We are so happy to see that cruelty free cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular but we encourage you to make sure that you can see the little white bunny on what you’re buying. That’s the only way to know if it is truly cruelty free or not.

To celebrate cruelty free cosmetics, we are currently offering Charlotte’s Cruelty Free Picks which contains Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, Invisible Tan and a FREE Coconut Deodorant. Shop now to start your journey with Eco Tan and cruelty free cosmetics.

There’s nothing fake about our tan!

Oompa Loompa

Say bye-bye to orange skin!

Fake it, Don’t bake it!

We’ve all seen it before – some poor girl leaving the salon doing her best to hide the fact she looks like an oompa loompa… Unfortunately, a lot of spray tan solutions use orange as a dye to give that ‘tanned’ look, but we have all seen it go wrong so many times before. Worse still, to counteract the orange dye, most solutions also contain a green dye as well! What’s worse than waking up looking like Shrek?

Alongside a whole host of other nasty chemicals, these yucky, synthetic dyes are what put a lot of people off getting a spray tan. Fortunately, there are alternatives! We can guarantee that our professional solutions will never, ever make you orange… why? Because they don’t contain ANY synthetic orange dyes!

You can rest easy, getting a spray tan with one of our professional solutions, knowing they are made with ONLY Certified Organic and natural ingredients. In fact, here is an exact break down of what it is in Rich Honey & Two…

Rich Honey Two

Never again will you need to exit the salon sheepishly because you closely resemble a tangerine. Embrace using Mother Nature’s finest to tan the healthy and sunless way!

Find your nearest holistic Eco Tan Technician on our Stockist page.

Help support us in the Janey Loves 2016 PLATINUM Awards


As a company, we really value winning awards as they reflect the amount of hard work that goes into creating products made with only Certified Organic and natural ingredients. We are determined to bring Eco Tan to every corner of the globe so that everyone can enjoy an all natural method of sunless tanning. This year we have entered the Janey Lee Grace – “Janey Loves 2016” PLATINUM Awards and we need YOUR help!

Our Eco Tribe is so important to us and we only hope to grow bigger and educate more people on the ways of Certified Organic and cruelty free cosmetics. If you love our products, made only from natural and Certified Organic ingredients, then we need you to vote for us! We have entered four of our best:

  1. Cacao Firming Mousse
    • Express tanning mousse
    • Lightweight formulation
    • Made from cacao, coffee and blood orange to stimulate your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite
  2. Face Tan Water
    • Revolutionary tanning toner
    • Apply like a toner onto your face and it will build to your desired glow
    • Anti-ageing, anti-acne formulation which is beneficial for your skin
    • Contains rose geranium, orange peel and aloe vera
  3. Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub
    • Unique dry scrub that contains coconut oil, pink himalayan salt and lemongrass
    • Lemongrass contains anti-bacterial properties, coconut is hydrating for the skin and the pink salt provides some rough love
    • Perfect for tan preparation and removal
  4. Coconut Body Milk
    • Your one stop body milk that provides instant relief for dry, irritated skin
    • Contains coconut, aloe vera, jojoba and macadamia
    • Promotes the appearance of smoother, younger looking skin
    • Aids in the healing of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

If you resonate with our message of cruelty free, all natural beauty then help us tell the world! Follow the link and vote for one, or all, of our four entries and support our brand ethos of cruelty free, all natural cosmetics.

Thank you so much for your extended support. Our Eco Tribe has helped us grow to unprecedented levels and we’re forever grateful that you have helped Eco Tan get where it is today. Let’s make cruelty free beauty the only type of beauty!