Wholefoods For The Whole Family!

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Kimberley, Amanda and Vicky sharing their health and wellness journeys

Last Friday, the Eco Tan team was lucky enough to be invited to mega babe and super mum, Kimberley Welman’s “StayStrongMummy” Detox Your Pantry Workshop. The amazing Certified Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Vicky Reihana, and Instagram wholefoods blogger, Amanda, joined Kimberley in hosting an intimate gathering for like-minded mums.

Kimberley is a strong and empowering woman, much like Eco Tan’s founder, Sonya, who has created our brand’s ethos to be based on striving for health, passion and integrity. These amazing ladies continue to teach us that a wholesome healthy life translates to inner joy personally and that extends to others.


Strong mums and inspiring leaders, Kimberley and Sonya

The theme of the event was learning about wholefoods for the whole family. Busy mothers, Kimberley, Vicky and Amanda, shared their personal stories of how they came to see the health benefits of “trading up” every day pantry staples with heavenly wholefood alternatives. Organic wine and delicious wholesome treats were passed around throughout the night, while the audience hung on to every word the women spoke.

7 Secrets to Staying Healthy on Holidays

7 Tips to staying fit and healthy while travelling – By Asha Burnley

I’ve got the travel bug! Traveling can be life changing, but unfortunately it can also throw off your healthy lifestyle and fitness routine.

Here are my tips for keeping healthy, comfortable and energised while away from home. You don’t have to take a holiday from your healthy lifestyle with these secrets!

  1. Before you leave, make sure you’re packed with your health, fitness and beauty essentials. You can download body weight workouts to your devices, pack a workout DVD or even bring along a skipping rope. I always pack my Coconut Body Milk to hydrate my skin from the stresses of traveling.
  1. Book accommodation with a fitness centre, pool or is close to a park so you can shake off any jet lag. If this isn’t an option, you can still get an awesome and quick workout done in your hotel room.
  1. Limit carry on luggage to ensure you enjoy a comfortable flight with plenty of leg room and a less cramped space. This is why I use Invisible Tan the night before I fly. This saves room in my luggage and I have a beautiful glowing tan all week!

The NATURAL way to keep pests at bay!

Our brand NEW product Organic Personal Outdoor Spray will be officially launched next week! It’s the newest addition to our luxurious Eco By Sonya Driver body range and is a natural solution for all your pest problems!

 What you need to know about our Organic Personal Outdoor Spray:

  • 100% natural and made with over 95% Certified Organic ingredients
  • It is cleverly blended using beautiful Certified Organic ingredients and essential oils to annoy mosquitos more than they’ll annoy you
  • Free from DEET! We do not use chemicals, toxins, GMOs or parabens to repel insects
  • We use a combination of cedarwood citronella, basil and lemongrass, a scent this is unappealing to pests and mosquitoes, but smells great to us!
  • This combination of essential oils will also help to hydrate and nourish your skin
  • Children love it! A Gold Coast mother and attorney described her experience using it on her son:

“It was so refreshing to be able to spray something that smelt so good and wasn’t toxic on him.”

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Cass Wicks, mother & attorney

Get weekend ready with Eco Tan!

Need the perfect bronzed look for the weekend? Here’s how!

We have prepared a guide using our Certified Organic products that guarantees you will get your best natural glow for the weekend. Preparation is key to a perfect and even tan. So, to look your best, bronzed self on Saturday, your tanning routine actually starts on Wednesday.


Scrub - Weekend prep

It is vital that you always exfoliate before applying tan. Before your shower (morning or night, whichever you prefer), use our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub on dry skin. This will exfoliate, detoxify and intensely hydrate your skin, leaving you with seriously smooth skin – this is essential for best results! We recommend using our Extreme Exfoliant Glove to provide a deep exfoliation. Our glove removes dead skin cell layers and old tan to reveal fresh, smooth skin – perfect for your tan preparation!


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Two days later and it’s time to tan! Use our cult favourite Invisible Tan to deliver a stunning, honey and believable bronze glow in just one application. After your night shower, you apply it like a moisturizer. After waiting for it to properly dry, you can hop into bed and sleep peacefully while your tan develops. The best thing is, not only do you wake up golden brown, but we’ve also had great feedback from girls who have woken up without stained sheets!

Awards Season – Eco Tan Wins Coveted Award!


Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016!

February has been an absolutely crazy month of celebration here at Eco Tan. Why? Because three of our bestsellers were awarded internationally in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016!

  • Invisible Tan has been awarded the BEST natural fake tan of the year.

  • Natural Coconut Sunscreen received HIGHLY COMMENDED in the Sun Protection Category.

  • Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub was also awarded HIGHLY COMMENDED in the Body Scrub category.

Eco Tan is dominating every aspect of the international natural beauty industry!!! Sonya is thrilled that our core message of organic and natural products is under the spotlight at an international level.

Organic Beauty VS Mainstream Beauty

Using an organic skin care range really does make a difference.

Things happen it life that lead you on a path. I became consumed with finding an organic solution as a safer tanning alternative.

Not only was there not a single organic tanning product, but I quickly started to recognise how harmful a simple lipstick was! I sure wasn’t going to use them and I definitely wasn’t going to take that risk on my sister’s skin. It is in these very moments, that Eco Tan my organically certified company was born. I vowed to speak up to Australian’s about toxic chemicals in mainstream beauty. Further, to make them aware of greenwashing.


How many chemicals are in the cosmetics you use?

As a result, the biggest message I always try to get across to consumers is that your skin is your body’s largest organ and a lot of what we put onto it absorbs into the blood stream. We need to look after it! The first step is to start researching and have a look at the ingredients on labels. Don’t fall for false fancy marketing claims and pretty packaging. Look a big closer and take a look at the big picture!

The Most Important Question Of Your Life

Original equipment used to make the first batches of Eco Tan

Original equipment used to make the first batches of Eco Tan – five years ago

The following post fully encapsulates how we feel at Eco Tan about life, achieving goals and success. Eco Tan was born in the kitchen sink of Sonya’s tiny Currumbin home, now it is a cult brand and can be found world wide. Nothing in life will land in your lap without the hard work, struggle and pain that goes along with it. Eco Tan has been a journey of many ups and downs, but success was only a product of absolute determination and hard work. This article illustrates this notion with such clarity that we want to share it with you.

The Most Important Question Of Your Life

Everybody wants what feels good. Everyone wants to live a carefree, happy and easy life, to fall in love and have amazing sex and relationships. To look perfect, make money and to be popular, well-respected and admired. To be a total baller to the point that people part like the Red Sea when you walk into the room.

New Year, New You! Time to Embrace 2016!

mashablenyeIt happens every year. We all promise to ourselves that come January 1st, a new version of ourselves will emerge. A version that actually enjoys exercise and doesn’t stuff their face with junk food at every chance they get. GUILTY!

It always starts off with good intentions, but suddenly it’s January 7th and we’re still in our pyjamas at 4pm. Having spent the whole day watching TV, with 2 empty packets of Doritos by our side. Oops!

Fear not! This year is different, because we want to inspire many to embrace 2016 as a year of holistic and healthy living. We want you to feel healthier and, in turn, happier!

Eco By Sonya WINS Prestigious Beauty Award!

Have you heard the latest?! One of our revolutionary products, Face Tan Water, WON GOLD in the Best New Sun Care and Tanning Product category in the 2016 UK Pure Beauty Awards! These awards are the world’s most prestigious beauty awards and celebrate the best leading beauty brands from across the globe. Eco Tan has been told to “take a bow”, as our locally owned and operated Aussie company has been applauded on the world stage!

TO CELEBRATE: we’re offering 20% off Face Tan Water – THIS WEEK ONLY – using the code: GOLD

To buy it now – CLICK HERE 

The winners of the Pure Beauty Awards 2016 were announced at the awards ceremony in London on October 27, 2016. Over 300 industry guests attended from mainstream, niche and premium beauty brands. Eco Tan was up against UK and international brands, Boots, Sunkissed and Fake Bake to take out the GOLD!

Our inspiring founder, Sonya, is so excited that yet another one of her Aussie organics has been awarded with such a coveted award. She is passionate about being an innovator and not an imitator in the organic beauty industry. Her motivation comes from creating eco friendly, toxic free and cruelty free beauty products that provide consumers with a healthier alternative.

Our Certified Organic Face Tan Water is a cult favourite amongst Eco Babes and has been described as “the holy grail of beauty products” – Megan. It is constantly flying off the shelves in our warehouse to Eco Babes all around the world. It’s specifically formulated with anti-aging and anti-acne properties, which makes it PERFECT for all ages!

Chris is 67, she has sensitive skin with broken capillaries. She doesn’t wear any make up, except a bit of natural lippy! Chris LOVES our Face Tan Water – she says “I apply it several times a week and it delivers a gorgeous NATURAL looking glow. It has evened out my skin tone and hides my broken capillaries!”

Chris Face Tan Water Before & After

Teasha is 18, like any other teenager, from time to time she suffers from break outs. Teasha is OBSESSED with our Face Tan Water – she says “I use it as a toner, a couple of times a week. It gives me a subtle, gradual summer glow. It is a HUGE confidence booster – I hardly ever wear make up anymore!”

Face Tan Before & After

Highlights of 2015 – The Year That Was!

Well 2015 has been kind to me personally and to our Eco Tan team. I really hope our loyal customers have blossomed and thrived in 2015. Just a few quick highlights!


At the age of 49 my family and I moved in our first house that we built. To begin with we had a small pool ? In the extreme heat of QLD! Given this, we are going to truly enjoy our first summer in 10 years. This house was on my vision board for 8 years.

Personal Highlights in 2015

After being a single mum for the past 7 years, to now living with Gary (who has been in our lives for the last 5 years) the compromise has been interesting! Poor bastard doesn’t know what all the screaming is about. We scream when we are excited, sad, mad whatever. We love noise. That’s why we built him a man room with a dirty big telly.