A new addition to the Eco Community Mentoring Program!

What is a life without helping others? It’s always incredibly satisfying to assist someone in need or give back. Eco Tan was founded on the principles of serving others in the community. Sonya always says, “We were born with two arms. One to help ourselves and one to help others.”

In the five years since its conception, Eco Tan has always been out in the community, helping other small businesses grow in the same way. Sonya’s core beliefs has driver her to always be happy to offer FREE mentoring advice to other businesses. Thus, the ‘Eco Community Mentoring’ program was born, through Sonya’s natural passion for giving back and sharing her blessings with others.Eco Community Mentoring

Summer Guide for Sun Safety!

With the summer at its peak in the Northern Hemisphere and on the horizon for us down under, we can all agree we are looking forward to warm days spent having fun in the sun at the beach or the park making the most of the beautiful weather. However, it is critical during summer more than ever to remember to protect your skin from the damaging impacts the sun can have. Here are our sun safety tips.

Baby Sunscreen

As you may know Eco Tan & Eco By Sonya Driver were pioneered after Sonya Driver’s sister was diagnosed with a melanoma at only 30 years of age & Sonya wanted a safe sunless tanning alternative. Sun safety is at the very heart of what we do here at Eco Tan and what we try to achieve every day.

Introducing the NEW Foaming Body Wash!

The Eco by Sonya is welcoming a new edition to the family!

Our family is constantly growing!  Every time we add to our range we make sure that the products are the absolutely very best from Mother Nature. First, you fell in love with our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub and now get ready for the NEW Foaming Body Wash.

Over the past three months we’ve introduced our BRAND new Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub! Following this release, our customers couldn’t be happier with the products natural properties.

Salt Scrub

This amazing product targets stretch marks, dry flaky skin, pigmentation, acne and cellulite and has delivered some OUTSTANDING results!

Racheal stretch marks

We have been inundated with reviews raving about it! With so many people falling more and more in love with it everyday!

Salt Scrub and FruitFigs Salt ScrubWinter Skin/Salt ScrubBath Time Salt Scrub

Now are you ready….Introducing the BRAND new Foaming Body Wash!

Launching our BRAND new Foaming Body Wash!  Revitalising, rejuvenating and refreshing! Enjoy the serenity… we have used Lemongrass and Grapefruit to leave an incredibly uplifting aroma in your bathroom.

Foaming Body WashIf you love it as much as we do don’t forget to post photos on Instagram sharing your thoughts and tagging us @ecotan, we absolutely love seeing what you have to say!

Time to clear a shelf in your bathroom because we’ve got so many other exciting things in the works for all your bathroom essentials!

Watch out LONDON. We’re here!

Last month we had the opportunity to TAKE ON London at the Natural and Organics Products Expo!

Although, London was a rocky start. After 3 flights and almost 24 hours of flying, the last thing we were expecting was to be in a car accident. We were just driving out of Heathrow airport, we slammed on the brakes only to land in the back of a car and have a black cab land in the back of us. With both air bags deployed and one of them hitting Sonya in the face. Leaving her battered and bruised. We were shocked to say the least.

The worst part was having to wait another 3 hours on the side of the highway. Especially in the London temperatures we weren’t yet used to in order for the insurance company to come and pick us up.

After this chaos subsided it was 3am in the morning and that’s when the jet lag hit us hard! We found ourselves sitting in our pyjama’s at a 24 hour cafe two mornings in a row. We ordered scrambled eggs while the people next to us stumbled in from the local night club and ordered shots!

But all in all it was a wonderful experience where we finally got to meet fans of Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya.

Here are some photos of us at the expo!

EcoTan Pop-up Stand     EcoTan Application

It wasn’t all business and no play. Here are some of our favourite photos while we were gone!

Sonya and the Queen

We met the queen, haha!

Selfie Time

Always time for a quick selfie….

Beautiful Scenery in London

Don’t have views like this in Australia…but we also don’t have that cold weather!

Team London - Nic, Lauren and Sonya









Due to popular demand we now ship WORLDWIDE! We’re so excited to finally be taking on the International Market by storm!

Look out Europe – we’re coming for you!

Firefighters help! It’s getting HOT in here…

This Tuesday, some of our very lucky staff members got to spend the day “working” on the set of the Firefighters Calendar shoot for next years calendar!

Starting the day bright and early we had to make our way to Mount Nathan to meet some firefighters. We thought we reached our destination! Oops! We ended up in someone’s house before realising that we were in the wrong spot!

Not to worry, the day was soon saved when we re-grouped and it wasn’t all bad… we walked onto the set to find this:

Set heats up

The set heated up quickly…

Call a Firefighter!

Most of these guys had never had a spray tan before! But they were being good sports about it and taking it well…

Firefighters Spray Tanning Firefighters TanningSpray Tan Hugh

Wonder if they’ll end up being as obsessed with tanning as we are…

Some Happy Chappy bronzed boys!

Bronze SmileBronzed and Beautiful

Boom Operator not impressed

He’s thinking “I don’t get paid enough for this!”

Volunteered to go first Eco Tan and Hugh

Hugh was such a good sport and was the first to volunteer to take his shirt off… to get a spray tan. But, we weren’t complaining!

All in all it was a successful day where we got to be involved in a truly good cause!

Established in 1993, the Firefighters calendar has raised much needed funds for the community. They raise funds presently for the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Westmead Children’s Hospital Burns Unit.

Overall, we were honoured to get on board and are very excited to see the amazing photos that were taken on the day!

Help support us in the Janey Loves 2016 PLATINUM Awards

Vote for your favourite Aussie made organics in the Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards UK! Celebrating the best in natural beauty!

Vote for US in the Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards

As a company, we really value winning awards as they reflect the amount of hard work that goes into creating products made with only Certified Organic and natural ingredients. We are determined to bring Eco Tan to every corner of the globe so that everyone can enjoy an all natural method of sunless tanning. This year we have entered the Janey Lee GraceJaney Loves 2016 PLATINUM Awards and we need YOUR help!


Our Eco Tribe is so important to us and we only hope to grow bigger and educate more people on the ways of Certified Organic and cruelty free cosmetics. If you love our products, made only from natural and Certified Organic ingredients, then we need you to vote for us! We have entered four of our best products in the Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards: