“To whom much is given, much is expected…”
~ Sonya Driver, Eco By Sonya Founder


A quote that drives us here at Eco By Sonya. Giving back to the community & helping causes that are close to our heart is something that makes us happy. We thank you for your support so that we can help make a difference in someone else’s life.




NTwMIiagKY2FamXGBlu-_8y2wuQkTlvMK4slMnLzxIQ“In the five years since its conception Eco By Sonya has always been out in the community, helping other small businesses grow in the same way. My core beliefs rely on the foundation of serving others so I am  extremely passionate about helping other women in business which is why I started the Eco Community Mentoring program. It gives me the chance to connect with incredible women and offer mentoring advice to other start-up businesses.

There are so many talented women who have the most innovative ideas but just need some assistance in making it commercial or even just having the confidence to back themselves & pursue their dreams. I am so grateful for what I have and am grateful for the opportunity to give back and share my blessings with others. I believe that we should help each other and lift each other up – there is room for us all to create and achieve amazing things!” – Sonya Driver 


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