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Am I Being Punked?

Am I Being Punked?

10 Award wins in the UK's Beauty Shortlist Awards – are you kidding me?!

I truly suck at stopping and smelling the roses. I’m not too sure how to mentally process accolades… maybe I have my generation of always being told “ don’t be up yourself ” to blame for my uncomfortable feelings of praise and awards. I will work on this! 

So, when I received the email to say we have taken out 10 AWARDS in the UK Beauty Shortlist, Wellbeing & Eco Lifestyle Awards overnight, I actually thought it was spam. I had to look and verify it a few times. 

Here’s what an Aussie organic company founded by me (a woman I might add) snatched up... 

Editor’s Choice

Super Citrus Cleanser

  • Best Cleanser for all skin types (aloe-based, antibacterial & hydrating)
  • Best Cleanser for Teens
  • Best Cleanser for Occasional Breakouts
  • Best Cleanser for Oily Skin    

Cacao Tanning Mousse

  • Best Natural Sun Care Product
  • Best Self-tanner in the ‘Legs’ category
  • Best Self-tanner in the ‘Body’ category   

Face Tan Water

  • Best Self-tanner for Face 

    I am bloody grateful and seriously proud of the integrity of our formulations. Every before and after we receive of customers having used our products, greatly impacts us and others. If you haven’t tried our Super Citrus Cleanser, believe me, you’re truly missing out on the best cleanser ever. That’s why we only have one… because it’s perfect!

    Have you used any of our WINNERS? Let me know what you think


    Love Sonya X 

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