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Q. What does certified Organic mean? What is the difference between certified organic and just natural?

To be certified by the OFC means that each product must contain a minimum of 70% Certified Organic ingredients and the rest must be natural. Most of our products are above the 90% Certified Organic ingredient mark. Certified Organic covers everything you would expect in an ethically produced product, including being free range, cruelty free, socially responsible and grown without genetic modifications, hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides and herbicides. It also means that we undergo annual company audits to ensure we are complying with the strict requirements of the OFC.

The main difference is that Certified Organic products require at least 70% of the ingredients to be Certified as Organic (as mentioned above) and the remaining ingredients must be natural. Anyone can claim to produce a natural product if even only one of their ingredients is natural. This can be misleading to the consumer and we always encourage people to do their own research before purchasing.

Q. Are you vegan?

Absolutely! Our tanning, skincare and body care range is 100% vegan. *We choose to use ethically sourced beewax in our all natural sunscreen to make it water resistant, this is the only product in our range that is not vegan it is 100% vegetarian.

Q. Is Hemp Seed Extract like Marijuana?

No, they are just both part of the cannabis family.We use Organic Hemp Seed Extract that does not contain any of the sedative or narcotic properties that are characteristic of Marijuana.

Q. Who are you certified by?

We are Certified by The Organic Food Chain (OFC) under the Australian government’s organic and bio dynamic standards. Australian certifiers have the highest and strictest standards in the world – allowing no GMO or synthetics through when certifying a product. We are also Certified Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia.

Q. Is it safe to use your products during pregnancy?

We always recommend consulting a GP/health care professional when pregnant as everyone and every pregnancy journey is different, even with Certified Organic products. Our range is made with only organic and natural ingredients Certified by the OFC, accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia and loved by many expectant and new mums. We recommend a 24 hour patch test before application.

Q. Do you test your products on animals?

No way! We are passionate advocates for animal protection and are certified by Choose Cruelty Free and Licensed by PETA to guarantee that our products and ingredients have never been tested on animals.


Q. My tan is streaky & patchy?

Application is the key. Our tans do not contain any synthetic orange dyes or colourants that stain your skin, instead they use your dead skin cells to stick to and develop into a golden glow. For best results exfoliate 24-48 hours prior as this will allow the correct amount of dead skin cells to be present. Apply an even amount of tan to all areas. Take your time so you don’t miss any bits.

Q. How do I apply my certified organic tan to get the best results?

Please refer to the directions for each product on our product page.

Q. The Face Tan Water has wheat in it and I'm Gluten Free?

Our Face Tan Water includes Caprylyl/Capryl Wheat, Bran/Straw Glycosides and Fusel Wheat Bran/Straw Glycosides which include starting materials deriving from wheat. These are certified as gluten-free.

Q. How do I apply Face Tan Water to get the best results?

For best results we recommend you apply Face Tan Water to fresh clean dry skin just like a toner. That’s where it fits into your routine. Apply 2 -3 times per week for a radiant glow. Use a few days in a row to build up your desired colour then we find 2 -3 times per week is enough to maintain it amongst your usual skincare routine. Exfoliate at least 24 hours before applying Face Tan Water, you only need to exfoliate once a week as our organic self-tans do need a certain amount of dead skin cells to adhere to and any more you’re just removing fresh healthy skin. Just use your fingers to apply as we find a cotton pad can soak up all the liquid. It contains nothing synthetic or artificial so it won’t stain your hands. No nasty dyes. (we couldn’t be certified organic if it did). Make sure you’re applying enough product about at least a teaspoon per application to see a thin layer on your skin. Think of it as your toner, that’s where it fits in to your routine, wait for it to dry before applying any moisturisers. Use instead of toner. as using another toner straight over it will wipe it straight off. Use a soap free and sls free cleansers as they are known to strips tans.

Q. What order do you use the skincare and how does the Face Tan Water fit in?

We recommend only using the Super Acai Exfoliator once or twice a week and the day before you use Face Tan Water for the first time and use Face Compost once a week. But for the others here’s how we recommend you use them for best results.Step 1: Apply Super Citrus Cleanser daily, morning and/or night.
Step 2: Use Face Tan Water next just like a toner onto dry skin and wait for it to dry before applying any other products. For best results, use 24 hours after exfoliating with Super Acai Exfoliator. To maintain your golden glow, apply 2 – 3 times per week.
Step 3: Spray one pump of Super Fruit Toner directly onto clean, dry skin morning and/or night after cleansing to face, neck and beyond.
Step 4: Use 1-2 pumps of Super Fruit Hydrator daily and/or night.
Step 5: Apply 1-2 drops of Glory Oil morning and/or night. Note that the use of Glory Oil immediately before or after Face Tan Water will dilute the glow so be sure to spread the application of these two products out!

Q. How long will my tan last?

Our tans typically last for 7-10 days. This can be affected by how often you exfoliate and what type of cleansers you use in the shower, but with correct application and proper maintenance you shouldn’t have any problems keeping your beautiful glow for the above timeframe.


Q. Is Hempitan like Face Tan Water?

No, Hempitan is a one application express self-tan designed for your body that lasts up to 7-10 days. Face Tan Water is a subtle gradual tanning toner specifically created for your face that you build over a few applications.

Q. Can you leave Hempitan on for longer than 1 hour?

Yes, you can. It’s formulated to wash off after 1 hour though, however results may vary if left up to 4 hours.

Q. I have had Hempitan on for 1 hour and there has been no change?

As a certified organic tan it contains no artificial or synthetic dyes that stain the skin so after wash off your tan will develop for up to 24 hours after. It’s a wash and wear tan with a 1 hour application method

Q. Can I use Hempitan on my Face?

Hempitan is a Body Tan Water designed to use on the body, Face Tan Water is specifically designed for use on the face – both are non-comedogenic and contain Hyaluronic. Perfect partners.

Q. What's the best way to apply Hempitan?

Use your hands or the smooth side of our dual sided mitt as it was created specifically to apply our organic tanning waters. It won’t soak up too much liquid and gives you a professional application every time. Apply a generous amount directly onto skin starting at you ankles and rubbing in each area with our mitt as you go working your way up slowly. Wash your hands afterwards thoroughly

Q. Is Hempitan okay for fair skin?

As our tans are organic and don’t contain synthetic dyes, they don’t stain your skin and instead work with your body’s amino acids and dead skin cells to create a tan that is perfect for you. This is the beauty of our range - instead of being the same synthetic colour for everyone, you get your own unique glow!


Q. When can I start using Glory Oil on my scar?

You can start using it on healed scars once you have been cleared by your GP.

Q. Are your skincare products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, we have handpicked the most brilliant organic and natural
ingredients straight from mother nature, there are no artificial,
synthetic or nasty chemicals in any of our products so are brilliant on
all skin types. We do recommend a patch test.

Q. What order do you use the skincare and how does face tan water fit in?

We recommend only using the Super Acai Exfoliator once or twice a week
and the day before you use Face Tan Water for the first time.

1. Use Super Citrus cleanser daily morning and/or night.

2. Use Face Tan Water next just like a toner onto dry skin. Apply 24
hours after using Super Acai exfoliator. Use a few days in a row to
build up to your desired colour and then 2 – 3 times per week to keep
the same lovely glow (see our website for more tips/directions for this
one). Wait for Face Tan Water to dry well.

3. Spray one mist of SUPER FRUIT TONER directly onto clean, dry skin
morning and/or night after cleansing to face, neck and beyond. Let it
dry before applying any other products. TIP: Or spray on top of makeup
to set and refresh during the day.

4. Apply a few dots about the size of a grain of rice of EYE COMPOST to each eye contour morning and/or night and massage in.

5. Next is Super Fruit Hydrator daily morning and/or night.

6. Use Glory Oil daily morning and/or night. We recommend using Glory Oil at a different time of the day to Face Tan Water.

7. SPF is your BFF - the last step in your skincare routine should be
our brand-new Face Sunscreen for everyday protection against harmful UV
rays. Future-proof your face!

Q. Help! My Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub / Super Acai Exfoliator / Glory Oil is hard to get out of the tube or is solid?

An answer...It’s just cold. If you are in a chilly climate our beautiful
organic cold pressed oils & balms in GLORY OIL, PINK HIMALAYAN SALT
SCRUB & SUPER ACAI EXFOLIATOR may solidify a little.

Here’s some tips if this happens:

Keep it in a warm spot
Roll it in your palms for a few minutes
Very carefully (if you get water in the product it will ruin it) pop the
bottom in warm water for only a few seconds


Q. Can I use a coupon code during a storewide sale?

All coupon codes are not valid for use during a storewide sale. If you sign up to our newsletter during a storewide sale your 15% off code will be valid on your second order. No other discounts or offers are available as per terms and conditions of a storewide sale. Valid times and dates are strictly adhered to.

Q. Can I use more than one coupon code per offer?

All coupon codes are valid as 1 use per individual purchase at any given time unless specified otherwise. Please note that only 1 coupon code can be used per purchase. All coupon codes will not be valid after the expiry date as per terms and conditions of each coupon code. Coupon codes will not be available on sale items.


Q. What payment options do you accept?

We accept payment by Credit Card, Shopify payments, Pay Pal, Afterpay and Klarna.

Q. What is Express Pay?

Express Pay is a payment method that will pre-fill your shipping address, billing address and contact information and process payment via your default method (such as a debit or credit card). This information is saved based on previous online purchases with Eco Tan/Eco By Sonya Driver as well as previous Shopify purchases with other online stores.

Q. What is Klarna?

Klarna is a global payment and shopping provider that takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment. Klarna allows shoppers to buy now and pay later at more than 200,000 retailers around the world.

Q. What is Afterpay?

Afterpay offers interest-free payment plans for your online purchases. Buy and receive what you want today and pay it off in four equal instalments fortnightly. Find out more by visiting the Afterpay website.


Q. I didn't receive an invoice with my order?

To be more environmentally friendly we are no longer sending a paper copy of your invoice in each order, you will receive an email with your invoice and order details.

Q. My item arrived broken or faulty.

For items that arrive broken or damaged, take an immediate photograph of how they arrived and email and we will guide you through the returns process. For any items that arrive broken or faulty we will provide a store credit or replacement if we are notified within 21 days of receipt. Please do not dispose of the item until we have had the chance to chat with you.

Q. What happens if I am unhappy with the product I purchase, or I changed my mind?

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase so, should you wish to return an item that you’ve purchased, please complete the Returns Form or contact us within 21 days of receiving your product. You will need to ship us back the item, unopened and unused, within 21 days of receiving your product and within 7 days of contacting us, and a store credit will be issued to you once we have received the items and inspected them. The store credit can be used for online purchase only. Please be advise that proof of purchase must be provided.
*Shipping costs will not be refunded by Eco Tan.
We recommend that you return items using a trackable postage method. Eco Tan will not be held liable for parcels lost in transit.

Q. I have been sent the wrong item.

If for any reason you have been sent the wrong item, take an immediate photograph of your order as arrived and email it to and we will guide you through the returns process. Email us within 7 days of receiving your order.

Q. Do you have a limit on the amount of products I can order?

Please note we have a maximum limit of 10 of the same product allowed in any one transaction online. Any more than this will be flagged with our online team. Should you require more than this quantity please contact our Customer Service team on

Q. Can I change or cancel my order?

If you need to make changes or cancel an order please email urgently with your order number. Our warehouse process orders very quickly so we can not guarantee Customer Service will be able to intercept your order prior to it being dispatched.


Q. What are your delivery conditions?

All parcels sent must be signed for at the provided delivery address to be received unless stated otherwise when placing order. Eco Tan & Eco By Sonya Driver accept no responsibility for lost or missing orders if you have given permission for the parcel to be left unattended without being signed for. Please use your tracking order & try to ensure you are at the address provide to accept & sign for your parcel. Should no one be home a ticket will be left stating where you can collect your parcel from. Please ensure to collect from your allocated Post Office or Parcel Locker within the provided time frame to avoid parcels being returned to us. Additional shipping costs may apply for orders that are returned to us.

Please note: we can only ship to a residential or business addresses and a not PO box in the United States.

Q. How long will it take to get my product to me?

Australian deliveries take between 5-7 business days

Q. What if I enter the wrong delivery address or order details/products?

In the event you have incorrectly entered information please reach out to update information or cancel an order. As all orders and shipping labels are automated we can not guarantee that our online orders team will be able to intercept the order prior to it being dispatched.
Please ensure the correct post codes are entered and if you are in an office building, please add your company name to avoid your package being sent back to us.
Eco Tan will not be held responsible for incorrect details entered at the time of ordering online, including an incorrect delivery address.

Q. How much does shipping cost?

We offer FREE Express shipping for all online orders when you spend $75 or more (exclusive of any other offers or discounts).
USA online orders: We have a shipping flat rate of $13.95.
We offer FREE Express shipping on all orders over $75USD.
We do NOT ship to China due to current animal testing laws.

Please note that Eco Tan does not currently ship to the following countries: Mexico, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka and China. If you are resident in any of these countries and still wish to purchase our amazing products, please email as we may have a stockist in your area.

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