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Makeup Remover

Mix 2 pumps of Super Citrus Cleanser with a couple drops of Glory Oil for your makeup to slide off like a dream.

Face Tan Water benefits without the colour

As you guys know, our Face Tan Water is filled with skin loving ingredients which help fight against skin congestion and breakouts. If you are wanting the benefits of Face Tan Water without the colour, mix a teaspoon of Face Tan Water with 2-3 pumps of our Super Fruit Hydrator.

Resurfacing Facial

Tip for using our Super Acai Exfoliator to get the best possible result: cleanse first with our Super Citrus Cleanser. Rinse and then apply a generous amount of our Super Acai Exfoliator. Massage this in circular motions for 1 minute and then wash off with one final cleanse using Super Citrus Cleanser. This is an absolute game changer for skin texture. Run your hands across your face after trying this and feel the change in texture of your skin.

Under eye mask

Mix Face Compost Purple Power Mask with a few drops of Glory Oil and apply to the under eye area. Leave on for 7-10 minues and watch your undereyes drink up all the moisture loving ingredients.

Body resurface

Looking to renew the skin on your body with some deep exfoliation? Look no further, we have just the hack for you. Apply Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub to our Exfoliating Glove for an intense full body exfoliation. Wash off in the shower and feel the cold pressed oils seep into your skin.

Boost your Coconut Body Milk

Boost your Coconut Body Milk by adding a few drops of Glory Oil. With raw cold pressed oils designed to nourish, restore and give life back to your skin.

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