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Declan’s Skin Journey

Declan’s Skin Journey


The best part of my job is connecting to you guys. I know it sounds like a cliche but seriously it is. Some days I feel so stressed and I’ll get a beautiful message from a customer who is thrilled from the results with their skin. And it lifts me back up. 

I still remember the night Teesha reached out to me asking me to help her son Declan. I literally did not sleep that night. Over 3 months we worked together with him on his skin transformation journey, to help bring his skin back to health. It was so sore and inflamed. 

 Everyday she sent photos and I would prescribe different treatments depending on what was happening with Declan’s skin at that time. We formed a close relationship through dms - both tiger mothers as my mum would say. We had one goal in mind and that was Declan’s well being. The journey had many heart breaking moments for us. Sleepless nights for me, questioning if what I was instructing was the best option.

The results came really quickly. “Every day his skin looked better and better”, Luca's mum told the Daily Mail.

'The redness started to calm down and the congestion wasn't as inflamed, the dryness of his skin was going.'

She added: 'Luca has finally got some confidence back, he can see the results himself - and the transformation has been truly phenomenal.'

When Declan and his family came to the Gold Coast for school holidays, we got to meet up. I was honoured. It felt like we had been through so much together. I was blown away by this beautiful young man, and I asked him some questions.
Me: What’s your favourite product Declan?
Declan: Face Tan Water. It makes all the difference. At first when you asked me to use it, I was like, no way, I’m not tanning my face! I’m so glad I listened.

Note: Declan mixes it with Super Fruit Hydrator. 2 pumps of Hydrator to 1/2 teaspoon of Face Tan Water. It dramatically reduces the appearance of redness and helps clear acne.

Me: What product do you think made the biggest difference to your skin?

Declan: Glory Oil. Massaging it in for 5 mins every night

Note: in most cases we recommend Glory Oil once a week for oily acne skin. Declan’s skin was dry and damaged and we monitored it daily.

Me: What product is your least favourite?
Declan - Super Acai Scrub because it stings but I do like the smoothness of my skin afterwards. It helped heaps with blackheads too.

How do you feel right at this moment about your skin journey Declan?

Declan: nodded, smiled and said "when people look at me now I don’t think it’s because my skin is bad."

And this is why I do it.

Declan mainly uses our organic Clear Skin System plus our organic Face Compost Mask, and Serums. He has put in all the work. I would contact him daily and tell him a treatment I wanted him to do to clear his skin naturally. Such as:
Mix our Mask with some Glory Oil
Do a slow exfoliation for targeting breakouts, followed by Face Tan Water mixed with Super Fruit Hydrator and Glory Oil

These are just some of the treatments I would prescribe him to target blemishes, as he gave me info on how his skin was looking and feeling. He learned how to be aware of his own skin journey and I just want to take his moment to applaud him. 



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