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Ideas for this Mothers Day

Ideas for this Mothers Day


Mother’s Day is around the corner and every mum/mum figure deserves to be spoilt! We have asked some mother figures here at Eco Tan Headquarters what they’d like for Mother’s Day!

Mother Figure Gift Ideas:

  • Everybody loves pyjamas! There is nothing better than new jammies that are comfortable and make you feel special. Papinelle is our top pick for pyjamas, due to their amazing quality and beautiful designs!
  • If you want to treat your mum to some jewels… By Charlotte from Sydney is our staff’s favourite jewellery brand. The pieces are magical and designed in Australia. Their pieces are guaranteed to make you feel special. 
  • Sonya is absolutely obsessed with tea. The second she walks into the office she needs her organic tea. Her current obsession is Australian based Tielka Tea. There’s nothing better than a beautiful cup of tea in the morning, in bed, or any hour of the day! Tea is like a love language, and makes the sweetest gift. 
  • Sonya can’t live without her PrepDress. It is truly the best invention & gift. Australian owned, the wonderful founder Karen set out on a mission to make getting ready easy for us ladies! She was sick of her towel falling down whilst getting ready, waiting nude for her tan to dry or sweating blow drying her hair in a dressing gown. So, Karen created the PrepDress, prints created by Australian designers, range of sizes, affordable & sustainability considered!

Stuck for a sweet gesture?

  • You’re probably thinking of surprising your mum with breakfast in bed. Sonya absolutely hates breakfast in bed, she hates the mess, is never hungry enough that early and is concerned about the hygiene … haha. She says “scrap that and give me a handwritten letter or drawing that I can cherish forever!” 
  • Something as simple as going on a nice walk together can be the loveliest gesture. A trail walk/hike is the best activity. Pack some sandwiches and enjoy the time together – you have to cherish every moment!
  • Nothing beats a movie night. Get your loved ones’ favourite snacks, curl up together and watch your favourite movie. We asked some of the ladies and their top picks for a movie night are:
  • 50 First Dates
  • Love Actually
  • Bridesmaids
  • Mamma Mia
  • Live far away from your mother figure? Surprise her with a delivery of flowers! It doesn’t have to be flowers, a beautiful plant such as an orchid or a pot plant is very special too! 

Activities to do on Mother’s Day:

  • We all love a relaxing manicure and pedicure that makes us feel pampered. Treat your mum to her favourite salon and get your mani and pedi together! 
  • Pack a little day bag and head to your favourite town/coastal town for the day. Try a new café, frolic around, look in all the little shops! It’s the perfect day out!
  • You can never go wrong with a day spa voucher. Enjoy a relaxing spa day together, relaxing, unwinding and catching up whilst feeling like a queen!

This Mother’s Day we would like to acknowledge those without their mothers. A mother figure can take many forms. We wish you love and strength.

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