Outdoor Bag

If the thought of camping brings up memories of yucky makeshift toilets, muddy shoes, and pesky creepy crawlies, you’re not alone. While not all of us are fanatics of the great outdoors, the happy campers among us will swear there’s nothing better than sleeping under the stars and the smell of fresh pine. Whether you’re going for a Bear Grylls style camp off, or a girls weekend glamp, it’s essential to have a good outdoor bag nailed. Here are our hiking essentials:


Nothing makes an outdoor trip worse than burning, flaky, get-your-hands-off-me sunburnt skin. Our natural sun cream and face sunscreen is designed to be light and transparent, so you can barely feel it on your skin, while giving you full coverage and protection from UV rays.

Natural Deodorant

Just because you’re going to live like a cave person, doesn’t mean you have to smell like one. Deodorant, people, NOT antiperspirant. Yes there is a difference. Our lemongrass deodorant is completely natural and organic, and works to keep your pits smelling fresh without blocking your pores. You can still sweat out all your toxins healthily, but you’ll be smelling like lemongrass and citrus. This is your new vegan deo.

Outdoor Spray

This multi-purpose citronella personal outdoor spray is a god send. Not only do bugs and insects hate the smell, but it’s only made from organic and natural ingredients designed to hydrate and nourish your skin. We love using it on smelly shoes, in the bathroom, and all over the body! Unlike other outdoor sprays, it won’t burn your sinuses when you smell it- it’s like a beautiful natural candle as a spray.