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You Are Enough...

You Are Enough...


Just popping by to say… you are seen, known and loved (my friend Bronwyn’s love language)

This sounds really corny; I think of you as my pen pal and I really look forward to engaging with you. 

So it's Sunday, some believe it’s the first day of the week and others think it’s the last. So wild hey! I swear it’s the first! My Man, thinks it’s the last it’s a debate similar to – to top sheet or not to top sheet! I’m a no top sheet kinda gal….That’s as kinky as I get kicking the sheets about so get them off.

Anyway, we got the week ahead and you know people are going to piss us off right? The aim for the week ahead is not to react. Respond not react. I totally REACT. I’m am over reactor times 1000. I don’t care what people think however I’m trying to bring it down a notch for my blood pressure. I blame it on the drop of Italian blood I have running through my veins. Pasta will always be my BFF.

So lets prep our mental space! Walks in nature, silence and golden hour, organic tea in fancy cups.

Flowers in your house. A good Netflix series. I heard Hacks is good on Stan! Not sponsored. 

Remember to breathe this week and try not to wish your body looked different. Accept yourself. You’re friggin handsome as and your laugh changes the atmosphere.

Mantra for the week- I will not force things to grow in the wrong season and everything is going to be ok! I’m enough. X

Miss you already

Sonya x


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