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Organic Face Cloths

Organic Face Cloths

Face Tan Water
Marta Pielēna-Pelēna

Face Tan Water

Lipstick Kirra Pink
Ivana Feric

Lipstick Kirra Pink

Cream Blush

Già il secondo blush che acquisto. È stupendo

Hempitan Body Tan Water
Veronika Trestl

Hempitan Body Tan Water

Hi Veronika,
Please email with any concerns you may have, we would love to ensure you are getting the best results with your Hempitan :)

Serum Of Clear
Loretta Egan

I am in love with all your skin care products,

Face Tan Water
Norah Finn
Glowing skin

I've been trying Face Tan Water for a fortnight now and taking it carefully. But I had no need to worry! My skin has a lovely light glow and is in better condition than before I started. It just looks sun kissed and healthy . Very happy indeed!!

It’s super refreshing, I love the smell and how my skin feels during and after washing.

Serum Of Plenty
Loretta Egan
Delighted with all products

Thank you for these beautiful products...

Keeps your skin moisturised for hours! Dry flaky patches have completely disappeared.

My skin feels amazing and looks years younger. I would highly recommend


It cleans well and makes the skin feel fresh and smooth

Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub
Greta Zdanaviciute

Skin is super soft afterwards

Serum Of Clear
So far so good

I'm from Denmark and became familiar with the brand via IG. I read all of the positive reviews and love the all natural ingrediens formulas. I needed a new serum, and decided to try serum of clear. I've earlier had bad reactions to vit-c, but maybe I will give serum of plenty a go in the future. I have combination skin and it can easily break out using products not suited for my skin - and lately it has actually been quite hard finding products my skin doesn't react badly to. I've only used the products for about 4 days (since received) but I have a really good feeling about it! Not lying, from first use I could see my enlarged pores looked smaller, and overall my skin looked more smooth and even. Exticed to see my skin when the bottle is finished:-) Def think I will order again and also curious to try some of the other products.

Great smell, feels tingly

Nicely packaged, the soap feels bright and tingly when applied. It's a great morning wake-up in the shower and smells delicious! It doesn't suds up too much when applied so be aware of this if you like sudsy soap.

Amazing stuff

I am happy with the purpel mask , so glad my skin looks so much cleaner and better

Eye Compost
Lucie Motkova

Eye Compost

Face tan water

Just bought it and to be honest as I don’t want to be tanned I was hesitant to use it. But then I saw sonya’s video on instagram in which she was telling about a guy who uses it with 2 pumps of hydrator and a few drops of glory oil ( as he doesn’t want to be tanned). So I’m trying the procedure as well. But one thing I felt immediately that my skin is soft like butter after applying it

Face Tan Water
Veronika Jelínková
Facetan water

Excelent produkt!!

The best body milk ever

My skin is really really dry, but this body milk helps a lot! I like that it is so creamy, still only a small amount is enough, one bottle lasts quite long time.

Glory Oil
Julie C.

I'm very impressed with the the glory oil, a little goes a long way too! My skin has gone through the ringer this winter, and after a few days of using the glory oil along with the ecobySonya milk body lotion, it's nice and soft again. I will be definitely be buying this oil again...

Super Fruit Toner
Marijana Stankovic
I love this product

Not only does it smell so good, I feel that it gives my skin a fresh boost it needs during the day. It is my second time re-purchasing it.

Super Fruit Hydrator
Monika Pojarová

My fav product :)


Unfortunately the pump of the bottle arrived broken 😞. So it is very hard to take the product out.. the cream really smells like coconut oil! Good moisturizer

Hi Giulia,
Oh no, our warehouse pack our orders very securely however sometimes damage may occur during transit. Please email so they can assist further with this :)


The effect is very natural. If you use it too often (like every 2 days) it can turn a little yellow though. I use it every 3/4 days and it looks very natural!