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I’m off to Italy!

I’m off to Italy!


So my angel heart daughter Charlotte lives in London, and she recently turned 21. So I’m a couple of months late, however I’m making the track which I’m desperately trying not to think about (flight time 21 hours and many more lining up at airports) but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I’m challenging myself to pack light (wish me luck). Nobody wants to be dragging a heavy suitcase through Italy. It’s not built for that. There’s 4 of us going on our little Italian adventure. My husband, Charlotte, her boyfriend Kye and myself. Of course I can never just rest on holiday without working, so we’ll be creating as much content as possible for you guys.

What I’m looking forward to the most (besides spending time with my loved ones) is obviously the food. When you get to 57 there’s not much else to look forward to haha. This time we are exploring Milan, Florence, Lake Como, and Tuscany. I can already feel my stomach in a knot, as I start to scream at my husband because his driving freaks me the f*ck out. Unfortunately for me he used to be a race car driver.

But I digress, I’m bringing you back to packing light.

Here are my essentials (all natural ingredients):

And here’s my beauty travel essentials:

Things that I’m hoping to discover:

In Florence I’m hoping to find a little piece of gold jewellery for Charlotte's 21st present. In Tuscany I’m hoping to take a cooking class and go to Saturnia hot springs. In Lake Como I’m hoping to buy a little painting from a street vendor as a memento, and have an Aperol Spritz with George and Amal. And in Milan I will window shop designer stores.

We are staying in London on the way back, where we’ll wash our clothes in Charlotte’s small rental. It’s the little things right. I can’t stop thinking of my favourite book store in the world, which is Hatchards near St James Square. My husband already knows to leave me there for the day (it has many levels) and this is the pure reason I am packing light. Because I’m coming home heavy (in a few ways).

Flying & Skincare travel tips (from an ex hostie)

  1. Wear comfy socks + no bra! You need comfort. Just wear a cami.
  2. Wear a big scarf. You can use it for as a pillow, blanket, and to touch things like doors
  3. Put a bit of Glory Oil or Glory Lips up your nose on the plane, as flying really dries out your sinuses.


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