Company - 28/08/2020

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Seriously… Predicted to sell out!

We introduce you to our NEW Face Compost™ PURPLE POWER MASK!

You asked and we listened…  So, without further ado… we introduce you to our FACE COMPOST™ PURPLE POWER MASK!

One of my most vivid childhood memories of my Mum was her doing the ironing with a face mask on (no doubt highly toxic). So, my love for masks and all things organic has driven me wild and obsessed with creating a phenomenal super-powered, supernatural and supercharged range of masks. I take my time and if it’s not right, I don’t launch it. I crave the unique and transforming organic ingredients and I will not bow down to the mighty dollar. Come to the stage Face Compost Purple Power Mask and take a bow! What I love about this mask is that it deeply cleans your pores, yet doesn’t leave my skin dry and tight. If I had to describe it, I’d describe it as a comforting cuddle for my face. Nothing but goodness!

This berry-packed beauty is our new best friend. Designed to clear and calm, the Purple Power Mask is full of nature’s finest ingredients. With Australian Clay gently removing dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of pores; Dragon Fruit Extract boosting collagen production for healthy, glowing skin and Organic Acai exfoliating and revitalising, this mask is the recipe for your best skin yet! For extreme brightening and seriously clear skin, we’ve also included Acerola Extract and Prickly Pear.

So, whether you need a flawless base for your full-glam, or just need a Sunday pick-me-up before the week ahead, our new Purple Power Mask has you covered… literally!

Detox, brighten, calm and smooth – what more could you want?

Why not make a pamper night out of it and pair this Purple Power Mask with its perfect partner, the Skin Compost™ Range.